Heat of the Streat

Gepubliceerd op 29 juni 2020 om 14:20

Voor hun assessment voor het Rode Kruis Klimaatcentrum heeft onze 2GMD klas een sociale media campagne ontworpen over hitte in de stad; getiteld heat out of the street. Hoe toepasselijk! 

> https://twitter.com/Heatoutostreet 

> https://www.facebook.com/Heat-out-of-the-street-100897151668472 

> https://www.instagram.com/heatoutofthestreet/?hl=en 


De Campagne is geheel in het Engels: 

This is an initiative about heat stress from students Geo Media & Design from Aeres University of Applied Sciences in Almere , the Netherlands:

Rising temperatures are threatening urban areas . And when temperatures rise, cities suffer disproportionately because of the way they are built. Dark roofs, roads and other construction materials absorb incoming short-wave radiation from the Sun and re-radiate it as long-wave energy, warming the atmosphere nearby . Air conditioning adds to the problem by pulling heat from inside buildings and vehicles and dumping it outside, further driving up urban temperatures. Light colored roofs could bring us one step closer to cooler cities.

Green defeats heat!

Rising temperatures are threatening urban areas. Cities around the globe are getting more and more aware of the dangers of heat stress. Heat stress is a hidden risk compared to something like flooding, which is very visual, and you can see the impact of straight away. But how can we lower heat stress in cities? The solution might not be as impossible as one may think . Urban green can play a big part in lowering the temperatures in cities. Urban green areas can also have positive effects for human health and climate change adaptation. You can help your city becoming a cooler place, by planting a tree in your own garden or in a garden of a relative!